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Valentine: A Trip To Wet Heaven

Published February 8, 2013 by mandi2ude

Yaaaay, season of love, I love this season because I love †̥☺ love. It’s a season most girls dream of having it made, when most chics look forward †̥☺ enriching themselves physically, emotionally and financially, they look forward †̥☺ exotic meals, surprises, trips and what have you. And in a case were you don’t do it there is trouble. Guys a piece of advice †̥☺ you all, if you can’t afford †̥☺ buy a girl something on that day then Ŋ☺ one will hold you accountable. If a girl breaks up with you on that day then rejoice my brada, God has just saved you and most especially they believe that this is the season where they find out if they are their boos boo or if their le boo is someone else’s le boo. Side chic or not am rooting for all of ya.

The guys are not left out too, they believe that they are gonna hit some free booty on that day and believe it or not check if they are also their babe’s le boo. What am I saying? The meaning of valentine has been phased out. We Ŋ☺ longer view that lovely day that is meant †̥☺ show love †̥☺ people the same. We now  it as a day meant for strictly fornicating for some people, girls look forward †̥☺ the gifts, the proposals that is if there will be any.

Am not a party pooper but I just wanna burst some bubbles. I have seen so many hype on social medias, jokes have been made concerning it, bc’s have been sent and statuses have been updated. What is really valentine, if the real deal behind valentine was still around how do you think St Valentine will celebrate it.

Can people spend the money (used †̥☺ buy exorbitant gifts that will grant them access into the wet heaven) for charity. There are some very nice charities and NGO’s out there that need support. There is at least a motherless babies home in your state, the church is there, there is a widow on your street who has tons of kids †̥☺ support, there is a brilliant boy who carries your waste basket out and you know he deserves †̥☺ be in school, there is a girl begging for money for an operation, you have tons of staff who have families that depend on them, your mother in the village, the road in your community, the beggars on the street, there is a war in mali, there are some flood victims who are still picking up their lives with little or Ŋ☺ money. The list goes on and on.

Be someone’s boo on the 14th, don’t spend it on a quest †̥☺ the wet heaven.