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Published November 11, 2012 by mandi2ude

So I heard/read the story of the Unilag chic that jumped down a 3 storey building to avoid getting raped. I applaud her bravery like I did Maria Goretti. But here is the catch; why do we girls find ourselves in all these difficult situations? It’s appalling and I don’t even know how to explain it.
According to the story, she was sexting with the dude, he was giving her monetary gifts and she accepted them all, he invited her to a club in Apapa and from there they ended up at his place in 1004 VI. He made his intentions known, dude is probably messed up after some bottles of JD, and he wants the honey pot, the chic decides to be stingy and they get into an argument and she jumps down, broke her pelvis bone and sustained other injuries. Big Question is; What if she had died after she hit the ground?
You are probably wondering where am heading to, chill; don’t get your panties in a twist. What am about to say is VEX MONEY!!!! Vex Money according to Amanda’s Advanced Learners Book is that amount of money that is safely tucked in your wallet, this money can be used to buy yourself out of a boring date, a randy guy and transportation to wherever you are headed. Vex Money covers everything. Your ATM card is good too but raw cash is better.


: Have you ever visited a guy and in the night he wants you to pay your rent or tithe as the case may be and you refuse, he kicks you out of his house; Vex Money will get you hotel room till you figure out your next plan
: Have you ever gone out with a complete douchebag and he knows you wanna go home but because he has other plans for how he wants the night to play out he doesn’t wanna drop you. Babe, search for your vex money and bike home.
:Have you ever found yourself stranded and you are contemplating calling a friend who will give with one arm and collect with another, vex money will help you out.

:Have you ever visited a potential boyfriend and because you refused to drop, he doesn’t wanna give you your Tfare, Vex money will sort you out.

But we as girls should not abuse the power of vex money, play God and tempt fate. If you don’t like a guy then for chrissakes, do not sext him, don’t sex chat with him. We are all adults, what do you think will happen the day he finally sees you, after you have finished claiming that you will give him the best he ever had. You want him to read the bible with you and sing you a lullaby later. Come on babes, we are all humans, there is a limit to what we can take and endure. Do not cheat / play God. It’s good to be coquettish but to an extent. DO NOT TEASE A MAN TO THE EXTENT THAT HE WILL CONTEMPLATE RAPING YOU. If we all begin to jump down from 3 storey buildings then we won’t have girls no more. That’s how MANDY sees it, you read it first here.




Published June 1, 2012 by mandi2ude

The president of our inestimable country has a penchant for doing great things, mostly not at the right times. On the first day of this year, 2012, what we awoke to was the sudden removal of fuel subsidy, which plunged the nation into a huge crisis. Some of my friends had to relocate back to the village because the cost of travelling back to Eko from the east was the same as a flight ticket to the USA.*well, just saying*. We faced perilous times as concerned Nigerians were busy occupying the streets. How ironic it was, believe me ‘cause I was officially stuck at home but desperate to see the whole pandemonium come to an end.

Many Nigerians used this avenue to do different things. For example, a fore runner in the occupy Nigeria business is a burnt out musician who used the medium to free himself from the mountain of pressure that he’s been getting from his contemporaries to say that he won’t release any song until Nigeria becomes better: that is like waiting until hell freezes over.

Back to business: as I said earlier, GEJ has a penchant for not-getting-it-right. This time, he decides to take it a notch higher; letting us know that he’s a true Nigerian by renaming the inestimable University of Lagos to Moshood Abiola University… Let’s stay silent for a while… okay cut!

Academicians, Alumni Members and Students have let up an uproar. They are so not in support of the name change and feel that it’s not suitable for a University like theirs.

But from my own POV, the name of a university does not make you the person that you are or the person that you will be. If you are doomed to make third class, you will, even if the name of your university is Kim Kardashian University. We have universities like Obafemi Awolowo University, Ahmadu Bello University, Michael Okpara University, all this universities are functioning and they produce graduates every year; truthfully, the name of your university does not stop you from graduating, going to service or working in Exon Mobil, Slumberger or chevron. We are just suffering from misplaced priorities and that is why students have taken to the streets to protest instead of letting the administration handle the matter, and they seem to even forget that there is limited time.
Don’t get me wrong, I am not saying that you should take whatever life shoves at you, but we have to be cautious with issues as this. Let our driving force be that which would bring about real change in the country and better the lives of every individual. What am I saying in essence, in every situation you find yourself be grateful to God because there are other kids who wish to answer worse names just to be in a university and make the best out of it. I will leave you with one parting word that is straight out of my own personal dictionary and I just made it up to suit the occasion. THE UNIVERSITY MAKETH NOT THE MAN, THE MAN MAKETH THYSELF.

So students riot for a day or two, lives and properties are lost, the school is shut down indefinitely and everyone is sent home. Bear in mind that some students cater for themselves. Finally, GEJ still doesn’t change the name, your voices have been heard but nothing has been done to quell your anger. What’s next?

AND that is how Mandy sees it. *WINKS*

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