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Published September 19, 2012 by mandi2ude

A dear friend of mine inspired this write up, I hope he has the chance to read it cos I will know if he doesn’t.
My cheerful disposition is one of the first things that attract people to me, my sisters call me miss sunshine cos I have that sunny side which does not ever go bleak. I let everyone into my life and I don’t give up on friends easily, I make a lot of them as I go on and I make sure I leave a footprint in everyone’s lives. My greatest fear on earth apart from snakes, terrorists, sharks and hell fire is “LOVE”, ironic huh? Especially when I call everyone on my contact list love, sweety, sugar, boo.
Everybody on earth has something that scares them and I think “LOVE” ranks as the fifth scare in mine, love is a beautiful thing according to d’banj but it can also hurt you the most when you least expect it. I would rather go through the motions of life without feeling it, it rips you of your ability to think, reason and judge, It makes you biased sometimes and the worst is it makes you ‘VULNERABLE’ when you love, you trust, when you trust you give, when you give you give someone else the power to hurt you and when that someone hurts you, you decide how it’s going to affect you and when you decide how it’s going to affect you, it molds the kind of decisions you make.
We can’t go through life without loving, it’s in our build, you can’t say when you fall in love, no matter how much you run away from it, it always catches up with you one way or another. If God gave us the ability to see what will happen to our loved ones then maybe most of us won’t love anyone. If he had showed me, maybe I wouldn’t have loved my father. That way his death won’t hurt me the way it did, maybe I wouldn’t have loved that boy that hurt me, maybe I wouldn’t have loved that friend that betrayed me and now dines with my enemies. But we did love anyway and that’s the most precious gift in life, it’s more expensive and valuable than money, you can’t buy it cos once it’s not there, it’s not there.
My experiences still won’t hold me back from loving and giving to people what they want from me. I am not too scared to try again, I may be hurt, the scars may still be healing but I know what I want from life and the worst life to live is one that is devoid of “LOVE”. Try again, don’t let your past determine how you live your life else you might miss out on your future and regret will be a shame. If I have an opportunity again I would love harder than I did. Am not too scared to try, you shouldn’t be either. MUCH LOVE