Is Goldie Golden or Simply Clueless?

So we all are seated watching the new season of Big Brother Star Game. “Double the fun, Double the Money”… And tears too. I’m really trying not to make an issue out of it, but there seems to be a rave about our very own Goldie Harvey.

I am still reeling from the shock of her hooking up with prezzo, who looks like an exorcist to me or beta still a graffiti artist (Just saying) and now she has decided to cry and give kids convulsion and adults nightmares.

Reports have been pouring in from different parts of the country that people have “gone into coma” after seeing a weepy goldie. *rolling my eyes* I think the ish here is the fact that Nigerians have been on a winning streak from Kelvin to Uti to Karen. Does goldie have what it takes to land us that prize money again?

Our national pride is at stake here people. According to her P.A., who is a personal Friend of mine, he said and I qoute ” Goldie will shock you all, please do not loose faith in her, she has a plan that will bring DKB and PREZZO to their feet and make us win the prize money”. I dunno, ’cause I didn’t see that confidence oozing from her while she was crying her eyes out when Prezzo said that they were just friends. *smh*

So I throw dis question out to you my precious Blog-hearts, is Goldie Golden or Simply clueless?

And that is how Mandy sees it.*Winks*




4 comments on “Is Goldie Golden or Simply Clueless?

  • I calmly await for her surprises,believe me goldie can never be the winner of this BBA season cos she lacks the game plan to win,unless their is a miracle which am sure is not obtainable

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