Welcome To My Glam World With Mandy

Drat, my blackberry phone just rebooted itself after I had spent the last hour typing, and it’s supposed to be a smartphone!!! *If it had any sense at all it would know that I have been hitting its keys for a while now, stale gist thought*.

Its been a long time coming but I’m happy that I have gotten to this stage. On a scale of one to ten, I am no where to being at the top of my game but with the support and encouragement from you lovely bloghearts, we will definitely get there.

I’m that kinda lady that keeps putting things off until the idea slips by but since push has come to shove, I have decided to do what I have been putting off for a very long time. I’m already loving every minute of this.

For the purpose of bringing you up to speed and the demands of courtesy I’ll tell you what ‘yours truly ‘is about to do to add a lil glam to your life.

Glam360degrees is your everyday GPS, it navigates you in the right direction ranging from Weddings, places to hang out, were to travel to, sleazy and hot gossip, who was sighted were, glam events and every other thing that adds a li’l color in ur life.

You have a problem and you wanna talk but you don’t know how & who to? That’s what I’m here for: I am your go-to gal. You can call me your friendly neighbourhood helper. I want to be the reason why you smile everyday, give you a reason to travel to an unknown place and not get missing ’cause I’ll be there every step of the way to navigate, just holler out your location.

My email add, twitter handle, facebook name and bb pin will be published later on.

…And that is how mandy sees it. *winks*


4 comments on “Welcome To My Glam World With Mandy

  • What up doll,how u doing, am just going through ur sentences, is so excellent u r really unique in picking words,wish u viva xoxo

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