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Published April 21, 2013 by mandi2ude

Glamzers, I haven’t written in a while, I guess I have been in a funk and it’s such a blur right now,(sue me) fyi I have the right to be in a world of my own and when am in my own personal space, ideas, thoughts, conclusions and stuff run through me. It runs so fast that it leaves me in a daze.

TuFace, 2Face, 2Baba, African legend, A guy with a golden voice, A guy with an original african blend, A guy who can make very beautiful noise without instrumentals,A guy most people jokingly say that his shadow can leave a whole village of women pregnant.*surprised face*. Last month was all about tubaba, blogs, newspapers, twitter, facebook, bbm were all agog with the news, “TUFACE IDIBIA GETS MARRIED TO HIS HEARTHROB,ANNIE MACAULAY” it was a fairy tale, a beautiful love story.

According to some people, a girl who stays with you while you impregnate your whole harem deserves to be the one, some others think she was just too desperate and tuface decided to wife her, others feel tuface just married her out of self pity because she remained loyal to him when others would have kicked him out. Well here is my own theory, there is a difference between what a man wants and what a man needs. Annie stayed loyal to him, she has been with him for like ever, she watched him grow from Innocent Ujah Idibia to Tuface Idibia. She met him when he as nothing and stayed on till he became something.

Most of his other baby mamas were attracted to tuface and maybe not to Innocent. They were after what he was and not what he is. Every man has tons of girls around him, Ŋ☺ man has just one girlfriend, they keep tons of girls because they wanna keep their options open. They browse through each and everyone of these girls especially when the time to settle down approaches.

I spoke with a male friend of mine and he shed a lot of light on it, he is a pharmacist and he told me that back in the days when he just started out as a marketer for his company, the first thing he received was a brand new car and a stipend of 200 thousand, these was just an incentive for him to work hard and meet up with his target. That was the biggest amount of money he had ever laid his hands on. With that amount of money and a new cool sleek ride, he had his pick of any girl he wanted;Fyi he had a girlfriend while he was doing all these. The girls were always around, ready to do anything for him. But like a player you get tired after a while, the game gets old and you start looking for stability, companionship, a wife, a friend, a sister and your own family. That’s when the hard choice comes.

He told me that at a time he got tired and he wanted to settle down. He evaluated all the girls around him, they were all the same. The ones meant for parties, the ones he spent weekends with, the ones he paid their rents and the ones he paid their school fees.. They all collected something from him and never gave anything, there was Ŋ☺ one to ask him, babe how was your day? what are your challenges? did you meet your target? have you eaten? Aww, you are ill, lemme come over and cook for you.

That’s what a man needs. He wants sex and sex and more sex. But he needs love, attention and TLC. When all the girls around him failed woefully and only his school girlfriend passed the test, what do you think happened? He crawled back to her and today they are in a lovey dovey kingdom of happily ever after. What do you think happened to Tuface, Annie, Sunmbo and Pero. Is it possible that tuface evaluated all the girls around him and only Annie could stand the test of time? She may be tacky according to some people, she may not measure up, she is hardly a fashionista, she is hardly the most beautiful woman on earth but she won a game that many Vera Wang clad, christian louboutin clad foot entered into. She won the heart of the man most girls want,(apart from me) and you wanna know how she did it. You think she jazzed him up? Trapped him? Nah, she gave him what he needs and a lil of what he wants. Everyman is suffering from the “TUFACE SYNDROME”

What Else, Locked Down Tight Yo!!