Published February 21, 2013 by mandi2ude

According †̥☺ Amanda’s Advanced Dictionary, Good Sex is that toe curling, satisfying smile/laughter a man or a woman feels after a good bout of good loving.

I know, I know, most of y’all are wondering what this madt girl wants †̥☺ say. ˚☺k°.. Wait for it… Wait for it…. Wait for it…. BAD SEX! BAD SEX!! BAD SEX!!! It’s not bazaar sales people. Bad sex has been the ultimate deal breaker since the dawn of light. It has ruined so many marriages, relationships and friendships. The only thing worse than a bad wife/ husband is bad sex.

How many times have you heard ‘ I broke up with him/her cos she/he is bad in bed. You think it’s a joke. You don’t know marriages have crashed over this. Sex is serious business, it’s like studying for SAT’s, Degrees, Doctorates and all. You gotta study your partner and know what works with them.

You start from the kissing and work your way down, a man who chews your lips like it’s kpomo will definitely be bad in bed. Come on, it’s my lips and yet you chew it like you haven’t eaten in days.

Some men misplace Hickie as love making, they feel that the more they chew and bite the more you scream and the more their egos inflate. Here is the deal, sexual compatibility, study your partner carefully and find out if bondage and torture sex works for her, that’s the only way you can get away with hickie.

Most girls want the vanilla sex, everything thrown in together. They want a man and a porn star at the same time. One minute you are all manly dishing out directions and the next minute you are whispering sweet nonsense into her ears. That’s the deal yo.

When there is Ŋ☺ foreplay and you just mount her like you mount a stallion and you expect an oscar award for the world’s best lover*smh*. Foreplay is like preparing for an exam, you study every line, read in between the line, peruse the chapters and start intensive study, sex is the exam that lasts for an hour-2 while the foreplay lasted days.

When a man/woman isn’t at the peak of their game, once they can’t satisfy their partner intensively, then the aim has been defeated. So like I say, if he isn’t good then he isn’t worth keeping cos seriously, Ŋ☺ matter how much you like a guy if he isn’t good there then you really don’t have anything †̥☺ look forward †̥☺ .

What Else, Locked Down Tight Yo!!


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