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Published January 23, 2013 by mandi2ude

Yaaaay, 2013!!!!! Am really sorry that I haven’t been updating my blog †̥☺ rant about anything and everything but get ready people. If you are on my contact list you will remember me writing about my system upgrade some days before new year and truly that system upgrade is complete.
Recently I have been doing a lot of surfing,reading and thinking. My newest idol Toke Makinwa has inspired me a lot and she inspired this write up. You all should know fair,petite,classy,gorge and outspoken toke. She talked a lot about traditional dating and I dare say she is right on so many levels.
I detest the modern day relationship, you meet a cute guy and you guys get talking and you are really feeling him on every level, you are literally planning your next date in your head and waiting for him †̥☺ ask for your number, he does ask you but not for your number, he asks for your pin!!!! WTf!!! The moment you give him your pin, you have done half of the work for him, he pings you in the morning and this is how your convo goes.

Good morning babe.
Are you there?
How was your nyt?
What’s up?

That’s how the average relationship in Nigeria goes, pings, more pings and more pings. Some even go as far as pinging so many times.

Are u dia?
Y are u not replying?
Babe, reply na!
Am waiting oo,
Are u snubbing me?
You are rude
What do you take your self for?

Some will just ping and go

You don’t want †̥☺ talk abi?
Have a nice day.

They don’t wanna know if your phone was close by, guys, news flash, our lives don’t revolve around bbm.
Whatever happened †̥☺ the traditional phone calls, text messages? Call me old fashioned but I prefer my man calling me †̥☺ tell me how his day went, ask after mine and know my plans for the next day, I prefer him sending me a text at night †̥☺ tell me that he missed me, †̥☺ tell me that he loves me and how he wished he could be with me then. I would even been blown away if he writes me a letter, An ex of mine did write me a love letter once, a scented pink paper with cute red lips on it, he wrote in his own handwriting and signed off at the end, it’s the most romantic gift I have ever received and I still have that letter tucked away in my archive.

Call me old fashioned and you might not be far from the truth. I believe am not speaking only for myself when I say the bbm relationship is nothing †̥☺ write home about, a relationship will last more if it’s not founded and worked on bbm. There is nothing wrong in picking up your phone †̥☺ call that girl that makes your heart beat and talk †̥☺ her for some mins. It’s not a waste of time, it’s good old loving. So call a girl today.