Published October 25, 2012 by mandi2ude

So when you have the number of sisters and girlfriends that I have, you learn one or two things from them. In this case I have learnt a whole encyclopedia. Guys are not the only ones that discuss their girlfriends, girls do it too but ours is hotter because we discuss the kinds that you shouldn’t be seen in public with talk more of dating. Have a fun read as I outline the guys every girl should avoid.

You know human beings are built differently, both male and female but there are some men with over sized ego, am not saying that good old ego is not good, it is but make sure you have it in the right quantity. Every good girl should avoid that guy that sees every thing as an insult, you can’t have an intellectual conversation with him cos everything you say is kinda an insult to him. He reduces your blood pressure and we all know that’s a rare disease.

Wow, these are the WOW(Worst of the Worst) these guys can literally make everyday seem like a torment for you. The guys with the God complex are the ones that never call cos they are always “super busy” they give little significance to you and when you try to complain they tell you that it’s hard being them, that theu had tons of work in the office, that they had to coordinate every other person at work. They attach undue importance to themselves and they give off the vibes that whatever you do is not half as important as theirs. I suggest that you ditch such a guy cos your future with him looks bleak.

So I just got an LV footwear for 20k, I booked my flight to Sa, First class things babe, I am getting the new iphone 5 cos I am tired of my iphone 4, I bought an ipad on line and they will deliver it to me today, I just bought a table for 1mill to watch rozay perform live. WHO ASKED YOU?????? Big question. The braggards make you want everything and they never give anything back. He is the kind that tells you to change your hair that it’s almost 3 months old without giving you the money to make a new one. Being in a relationship with a braggart is a drag cos they are degree holders in pull her down(PHD) . They are all mouth and no action. They are the ones that keep telling you that you know money is not the problem. Being in a relationship with them increases your blood pressure.

So I think these ones are the worst of the lot. They are like an ocean, they keep swallowing everything that comes their way, they like knowing every bit and piece of your life, they are inquisitive to a fault and they tell you that they just like being on top of things. They track you incessantly, every move you make is a threat to them, they wanna keep you on a leash, they can even imprison you if they have their way. They are the silent burners, you think they don’t know but they keep tabs of everything and they just look on in silence.

I think I have tackled all of them guys, if you have any one to add, feel free to comment and I will take it into account.



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