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Published October 27, 2012 by mandi2ude

Every year, 50% of the world population commit suicide. They take their own lives for reasons best known to them. Life is too short and precious for people to take it by force, no matter the provocation.

I thought of a befitting name and I decided to name it the “SUICIDE LETTERS”. I want you all to feel what each of these characters felt before taking their own lives. It’s the hardest thing to do so I will let you be their judge. Were they right or wrong.

This year has been a very emotional year for me, I have gone through the motions, there has been crying, laughter, joy, sadness, ennui. I have gone through a lot and I still am but one thing that keeps me going is the hope of a better tomorrow, I have faith that things will get better.

Enjoy Suicide Letters and please email me if you have a story to share or contribute to the suicide diaries. @ READ THEIR EMOTIONAL STORY BELOW.




Published October 27, 2012 by mandi2ude

A sigh escaped her lips the minute she turned the lock of their oniru estate apartment. It was just too much, everything was fresh, it was too raw. She stepped into the apartment and turned on the AC, it was always like this, her body temperature right now could cook a whole cow. She dropped her briefcase on the table, she walked round the house touching everything, these was a ritual she performed everyday after working hours. She walked into the bedroom, took off her clothes and shoes and removed her bra and panties and threw on Ayo’s TM shirt, it is a Bijan shirt. He bought it the last time he traveled to Miami; he even bought the femme version for her, they wore it every friday night when they were in the mood for a lil his & hers.

Her thoughtful Ayo, her sweet Ayo, tears were already dripping from her face when she made her way to her altar and sitting on the mainframe stood the picture of the love of her life. The only man she had ever loved fully and completely. His smiling face was smiling at her, he only had that look when he had something naughty up his sleeves. Surrounding his picture were candles of different shapes and sizes and a hublot wristwatch, his body was never found. She let out a scream and crumpled to the floor, she let tears rack her whole body. She had lost Ayo in the ‘DANA AIR CRASH.’

Peju works with Zenith bank and Ayo worked with a reputable oil and gas company, they met through a friend and before she could say quidditch, they were already dating. Ayo was the best a woman could ask for, he was her father, her brother, confidante, lover and even sister. She found her perfect man and he was everything. Money wasn’t the problem, ayo didn’t mind that she earned her own money, he spoiled her silly every time. If he gets something for himself he would make sure he gets the femme for her, he even went as far as shopping for her undies. He was that sweet, he was so happy the day she told him that she was pregnant, they discussed names, sex, place of birth. He told her that he wanted her to go abroad and have their baby in a birthing pool cos he didn’t want her to go through any pain.

She was at home waiting patiently for Ayo who was in Port harcourt, he was due to fly home that afternoon, they were neck deep into their wedding plans but he had to travel to ph for an urgent business. She could hardly keep her eyes open these days, pregnancy et all. She was asleep when her phone rang and craig david’s unbelievable woke her up, she smiled and picked up her phone, hey baby; she greeted him and she could feel his smile. When are you coming home? He replied her babes, I had to stop over at abuja, I had to pick up some important documents, I could wait for them to Fedex it but am impatient, I need to get started on this. She smiled, that’s her man, always impatient to get a new project going. He told her that he will sleep over and come directly home the next day cos he wanted to see an investor. She kissed him good bye and went to bed.

She fell into a troubled sleep and woke up some hours later, she checked her phone and saw 30 missed calls from her friend Bidemi, crazy girl. She wondered what happened. Maybe she came to their place and she knocked for a long time. She dialled her number and she picked immediately, she shouted at her, check channels immediately, she flicked till she got to channels and saw the caption. DANA PLANE CRASH, she felt goose bumps on her body immediately, she started crying, 119 people on board plus crew, she didn’t know why she crying, maybe her hormones were acting up. She felt sorry for the people who lost their lives. Thank God her Ayo was still in Abuja. She saw a caption that the manifest has been released and she logged in with her bold 5 to check it out in case she knew anyone there. She didn’t make it to the sixth name when she saw AYO MAKINWA (M) on it.

Darkness enveloped her immediately.



Published October 25, 2012 by mandi2ude

Hallo darling glamzers, am really sorry for the oath of silence I took concerning my writing; I was in China, I took an oath of silence and I was mediating to the high mountains, (you can now like to die) you know how it is now.
I know most of you are looking forward to killing me but please take a number cos the queue is long, I might even oulive some of you old birds. Any ways I am back with the big bang and I will make sure y’all read till you go yo mandy! Enough is enough, I don’t want y’all to go cray cray, but I will be giving you some level 2 stuff. Stay tuned and as usual mandy has gat yo 6.


Published October 25, 2012 by mandi2ude

So when you have the number of sisters and girlfriends that I have, you learn one or two things from them. In this case I have learnt a whole encyclopedia. Guys are not the only ones that discuss their girlfriends, girls do it too but ours is hotter because we discuss the kinds that you shouldn’t be seen in public with talk more of dating. Have a fun read as I outline the guys every girl should avoid.

You know human beings are built differently, both male and female but there are some men with over sized ego, am not saying that good old ego is not good, it is but make sure you have it in the right quantity. Every good girl should avoid that guy that sees every thing as an insult, you can’t have an intellectual conversation with him cos everything you say is kinda an insult to him. He reduces your blood pressure and we all know that’s a rare disease.

Wow, these are the WOW(Worst of the Worst) these guys can literally make everyday seem like a torment for you. The guys with the God complex are the ones that never call cos they are always “super busy” they give little significance to you and when you try to complain they tell you that it’s hard being them, that theu had tons of work in the office, that they had to coordinate every other person at work. They attach undue importance to themselves and they give off the vibes that whatever you do is not half as important as theirs. I suggest that you ditch such a guy cos your future with him looks bleak.

So I just got an LV footwear for 20k, I booked my flight to Sa, First class things babe, I am getting the new iphone 5 cos I am tired of my iphone 4, I bought an ipad on line and they will deliver it to me today, I just bought a table for 1mill to watch rozay perform live. WHO ASKED YOU?????? Big question. The braggards make you want everything and they never give anything back. He is the kind that tells you to change your hair that it’s almost 3 months old without giving you the money to make a new one. Being in a relationship with a braggart is a drag cos they are degree holders in pull her down(PHD) . They are all mouth and no action. They are the ones that keep telling you that you know money is not the problem. Being in a relationship with them increases your blood pressure.

So I think these ones are the worst of the lot. They are like an ocean, they keep swallowing everything that comes their way, they like knowing every bit and piece of your life, they are inquisitive to a fault and they tell you that they just like being on top of things. They track you incessantly, every move you make is a threat to them, they wanna keep you on a leash, they can even imprison you if they have their way. They are the silent burners, you think they don’t know but they keep tabs of everything and they just look on in silence.

I think I have tackled all of them guys, if you have any one to add, feel free to comment and I will take it into account.