Marriage Chronicles…..TOLA

Published August 23, 2012 by mandi2ude

Tola felt like dying, she was suffocating, her palms were sweating and a monster headache was raging inside her. Tears were bottled up inside her and she couldn’t keep her eyes open because the pain was too much. She kept trying to suppress her tears and she could feel her heart feeling the impact. Her car AC was blasting cold air on her but she was still hot. She took the next turn which led her directly to her home located at No 13b Giraffe street East Ekulu Estate G.R.A Enugu, her well manicured lawns were staring back at her, her kerbs were so neat you could actually eat anything placed there, it had to be neat because they paid the gardener a fortune for him to keep the house clean, appearances matter a lot especially for her husband Azunna.

She beeped and their gate man opened the gate, she stopped dead in her tracks and couldn’t drive in, her nightmare was staring at her right in the face. Her heart started pounding like if it was going to leap out of her mouth,Mama Azunna was staring at her with contempt, effiong her gate man tapped on her window and she came to and drove into the house. The house she shared with Azunna is a 6 bedroom duplex with an underground packing space. Azunna her husband is the regional manager of GTbank and they met in the university and stayed together through out then. She came down of her car immediately and in a customary yoruba manner she knelt down and greeted her. Mama Nno, kedu ka ndi uno mere? Her ibo was perfect, you would not know she is yoruba unless she told you, she even took an ibo name when she got married to azunna. Mama Azunna just looked at her and sighed and asked her why is my son’s house closed? Tola replied her, mama am sorry I had to run some errands and I didn’t know you were dropping by if not I would have left the house keys with effiong. Mama looked at her and gave her a body check and said to her, “you always have an excuse to give, I have told my son to do away with you but he wouldn’t listen, you are just a waste of time and energy. You just sit at home and consume food, maybe you don’t want to have a child because you don’t want your figure to change. You are just a leaking basket, anything deposited inside you just pours out”.

Tola immediately rushed to the door and opened it, she carried Mama’s bags upstairs and rushed down to the kitchen immediately, she micro waved a plate of egusi soup and made hot garri for mama. She carried it into the dinning and set the place, brought a chilled jug of water and a glass of fresh squeezed orange juice. She went to Mama who was sitting in the living room and told her that her food was ready, while mama went to the dinning, tola went to the room she shared with azunna and took off her clothes, she looked at herself in the mirror which was standing and cried so hard, she cried like if she was being killed, she used a pillow to suppress her tears else someone hears it. On her arms were punctures from different needle sizes which had left their marks on her flawless skin, she hit her belly continuously while crying. She hit it from the pain it caused her, her very flat belly stared at her in mockery. While hitting it she kept on questioning it, Why won’t you accept a child, why won’t you carry a child and make me a complete woman like my mates. Why?

She was on her way back from the fertility clinic where she had gone to try her luck again via a new experiment, she didn’t mind being a guinea pig for any experiment as long as it proved effective. She wanted a child badly, she wanted Azunna to be proud of her, he wasn’t complaining, he is her rock. He supported her in anything she wanted to do but she can’t say the same for mama who mocked her quietly and spoke against her at any opportunity she got. Mama was never in support of their marriage and she always thought she would come around after the wedding and begin to like her but that was just wishful thinking. Mama has tried her possible best to make sure that Azunna took a second wife but he won’t listen to her, her always told her that he is in love with tola and his faith won’t allow him take a second wife , moreover God was the giver of children. Tola was still engrossed in her pain that she didn’t know the time and that Azunna was already inside the room, she was still in her kneeling position with dried tears on her cheeks, they left tracks on her face. Azunna gently knelt down close to her and asked her what the matter was, she was startled and she came to. She told him that her eggs died off so the artificial insemination treatment didn’t work, she said their doctor said everything was in order but she couldn’t understand why she couldn’t conceive a child for him.

Azunna looked at her and asked her;Am I complaining ? She shook her head and her told her then don’t worry. God is the giver of children and as long as we serve him in truth, he would never deny us our own kids. Don’t listen to my mum, I am not taking a second wife and I will never forsake you. I am keeping to my vows which is sacred and I said it to the hearing of God and other witnesses. We shall wait upon the lord for his time is the best. You will be a proud mother someday.



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