Marriage Chronicles…..KOME

Published August 23, 2012 by mandi2ude

Kome was sitting in the living room, she was tapping her acrylic french tip nails on a burgundy table while her feet danced to the tune her fingers were producing and after a while she shifted her gaze to a cartier slim gold wristwatch on her left wrist. She wasn’t satisfied with that she started twirling her 24 carat diamond ring placed in a platinum setting on her middle finger. She had already put Chidugam (her 5yr old son) to bed because his excitement had died down after several hours of waiting and he fell asleep. she was calmly waiting for her husband Chimzitere to come home. She had planned everything out, the chocolate was waiting in the freezer, she cooked spaghetti with tender meat soaked in red wine which was cooked to perfection, a bottle of dom perignon was chilling, a cake beside it and her gift was wrapped. The only missing thing was her husband Chimzy.
Today is their sixth wedding anniversary , six years of marriage and she wondered where he was, she rubbed her hand down her vera Wang gown complete with a christian Louboutin shoe. She sighed and went upstairs, it was already 12:00am. She undressed and slipped into her Victoria Secrets teddy and as she was about to slip into the bed she heard chimzy’s car drive in and she stood up instantly, she touched up her face and re packed her peruvian human hair. She looked down on her nightie and shrugged. She stood near the door waiting for him to come inside and even though he was hours late she was happy that he made it home, all her anger vanished into thin air. Immediately he walked in she hugged him by surprise and stepped back like if she had been stung by a bee, she turned started hitting him while screaming at the top of her voice you were with her, on our anniversary chimzy you were with that slut. Chimzy looked her up and down and told her to stop shouting and she replied him; how can I stop shouting; you are reeking of that expensive slut. He laughed for a while and asked her ; what makes you think I was with “HER”? She eye balled him while she slowly walked to the bed, she sat down at the edge and looked at him and in a low voice she said chimzy, are you seriously asking me how? The two of us know that you don’t wear Elizabeth Arden ‘Red Door’ and look at your shirt, you have lipstick smear on it. You didn’t even clean up before leaving her house and you have the gall to ask me how I know. Do you think am daft? He laughed at her and un knotted his tie, he moved to bed and dropped his brief case and he turned back to her and said ; I really don’t have time for your nagging all I want to do is go to bed because I had a hectic day. He turns to wear his jammies and kome who is now crying tells him in a teary voice; you are tired right? After spending all day with her and giving her what is rightfully mine you come home and tell me that you are tired. Do you even know what today is? He doesn’t reply and she goes on, today is our 6th wedding anniversary but I guess you don’t know. What have I done wrong chimzy; please tell me and I will change, what do you want from me, what do you see in other women that you don’t see in me, please tell me for the sake of our son. He stands up angrily and sneers at her; our son? Do you really wanna go there? Kome I asked you for one thing and you couldn’t give it to me. My peace of mind, when you got pregnant I told you to abort that child, that I wasn’t ready for marriage but no my mother talked you into keeping it and you did, you practically roped me to the altar and I did what was right, I gave you and him my name now leave me alone to go on with my life.
Kome runs into the bathroom out of shock, she is crying so hard now, she looks at herself in the mirror while tears are seeping through her waterproof mascara, she flashes back on the last five years when things were still good. She is from a wealthy family and she has never lacked anything be it men or money. She started dating chimzy who hails from a very wealthy family who made their money via their many oil blocks. Her relationship with chidi was based on sexual needs, they satisfied each other when the need to became too powerful ,until her emotions got involved and she approached mother mena, chimzy’s mother who advised her to get pregnant and she did so , her life has never been the same since then as chimzy told her to abort the baby which she refused to and threatened him to the point that he married her. Since then life as she knew it changed. Thrice every year she travels to any country of her choice with chidugam, she never lacks money but she is not at peace. who ever said money was enough in a marriage should step into my shoes. Chimzy sleeps with virtually anything on skirt and his escapades are all over town making her out to be a laughing stock but one thing she has never regretted is having chidugam, he is her light and he is the only thing that consoles her in these hell of a marriage that she is in. Chimzy hardly touches her these days, the other times he did he did so under the influence of alcohol. She is still hoping that he will fall in love with her someday. She comes out of the bathroom and meets him snoring on the bed. She quitely whispers happy anniversary.



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