Marriage Chronicles…..EKA

Published August 23, 2012 by mandi2ude

Eka was staring at her face in the mirror, she looked pretty enough and she sighed again and started working furiously on her face, she dappled more powder on her face, she looked and she dappled more and more till she covered her whole face with a perfect finish concealer and her Mac compact powder. She felt satisfied with her looks. She went to her wardrobe pulled out a cashmere long sleeved sweater, a pair of true religion jeans and an hermes silk scarf to match. A marc jacobs dark sun shade completed her looks. She slipped on a flat sandals, picked up her car keys and called out to her son Isaac. She didn’t want to be late, she had to drop him off at school before rushing off to her other errands.

Who ever wore sunshades in the morning by 7am and a dark one for that matter. Her friends would have a field day if they see her in what the would call fashion blunder. They wouldn’t understand that she had her reasons. She dropped isaac off and promised to be back by 2pm to pick him up. She collected her husband’s dry cleaned clothes and headed to her mother’s house, she wouldn’t want her mom to see her in these state but she didn’t have an option because her mom called her and according to her it was urgent. She drove into their family house and parked her car. She went inside and hugged her mother instantly, she held on a little bit tight. Her mother held her away and looked at her. They sat down, her mother took off her sunshade and asked her; He hit you again? Ola hit you again…. Ekaete, Ekaete.. Leave ola and come back home before he kills you. I am still alive and I will support you and isaac. Ola will kill you for me. Infact we are going home together because I am going to give him a piece of my mind, since he likes hitting women he will beat the both of us today. Eka was looking at her mom, tears were running down her face, her concealer was coming off fast and her bruises were stark against her face. Purple bruises stood out on her fair face, Her face was just a rainbow of colors, she pleaded with her mom, mama please let him be. A woman does not leave her home because she is facing difficult times. I will stand strong and protect my own. Her mom looked at her, Eka I was the one who told you that and I am telling you now to leave him alone.
Mama please if you want me to leave here now and never come back ,I will . Her mother took her hands into hers and told her to stay a while. Eka didn’t know when it struck 2pm and was heading to 2:30pm when she suddenly looked up and snatched her car keys off the table. Mama I have to go and pick isaac from school. She ran out immediately, she raced to isaac’s school and on getting there she was told that ola had already picked him up. She was filled with dread and fear of the unknown as she raced home. She beeped and drove into the compound, isaac was sitting inside watching Kids Next door on cartoon network when she asked him where daddy was and he pointed her to the room. Eka climbed upstairs and immediately she opened the door, a heavy slap greeted her face. How dare you leave my son in school till now, how dare you? Ola dragged her into the room, threw her down on the bed and took off his belt. He looked at her and asked her; why do you make me do this everytime, he was flogging her and she just kept suppressing her tears. She pleaded with him but he kept on flogging her till he got tired and he just left the room and went back to the office. Isaac immediately ran into the room and hugged her. Mummy stop crying, Mummy stop crying and she held him tight and kissed him gently on his head, mummy is not crying my baby, something just flew into mummy’s eyes. She held him tightly while the tears ran down her face like an endless river.

Ola her husband of 10yrs had been the sweetest man alive, he was attentive and treated her like a queen. She was formerly a zenith banker till they got married and he asked her to quit her job since he was making enough for the two of them and she did so but his hitting habit developed after the birth of isaac, it was like he couldn’t get enough of it. He beat her for breakfast, lunch and dinner. He threw slaps and hit her at the slightest provocation , he literally raped her whenever he wanted to have sex or slapped her into submission, they were no longer having sex because she was always sore from his beatings. she resorted to heavy concealers to hide her bruises and cuts, she lied almost everyday to people who she ran in the same social circles with but She couldn’t leave her marriage cos she had isaac to look out for, his reasons for beating her; she is yet to know.



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