Published August 19, 2012 by mandi2ude

The Wedding ring is the smallest handcuff ever made by man, choose your partner wisely because it’s a life sentence…. My father will always say Marriage is an entity within an entity, he always told us to choose whomever we wanted to spend forever with wisely because after he gives you out, he doesn’t want to see you back in his house unless you are coming with your husband and kids for a
Every girl is eager to get married these days and it’s as if saturdays are coming to an end, but I urge you all to study that man and don’t rush into anything. Marriage is not a relationship were you break up if you don’t like what you are getting. In marriage kids are involved and you need to be wise. I have taken out time to outline do’s and donts .

Do not get married if you are not sure that you wanna be with that particular person, if you are just fulfilling all righteousness, if you feel that you will begin to love your partner later one. It’s not an emotional bank where he/she odes all the paying in and you keep withdrawing.

Do not get married if you know that you don’t like his family, if you can’t stand his mother, if his sister is way too annoying, if his aunt poke noses a lot, if his brother is way too demanding. Don’t delude yourself into thinking that you are married to only him, once he marries you, you will have to deal with his whole family.

Do not get married if you know he can’t pay the bills, love is not enough in marriage, it’s a starting point but it doesn’t put food on the table neither does swag. Schools, hospitals, shoprite &markets don’t have discounts for people in love. Love won’t pay the bills. Get off your lazy behind and start catering for your family. You can’t go to a shop and after shopping you tell the sale girl’ hey we are in love’ and expect her to give you the goods for free.

Do not get married if you are not ready to compromise. It’s all about compromise. You are no longer a one man army. The two of you have come together, always consult your partner before making life altering decisions. If you wanna have the final say then I guess you should stay alone.

Do not get married if you can’t leave your past behind and confide in your partner. The past is like an abandoned mistress, she always comes back knocking, she is like a messy cloth that always turns up even after you have hidden her. It comes calling. Do not spring up rude surprises on your partner, be as open as possible.

Do not get married if you can’t leave that Oh so special bestie who is male for the gilrs and female for the men. If your BFF was so great they two of you should have been married by now. The heart has other functions other than pumping blood , it’s treacherous. Invest all your love and time on your hubby, make him your bestfriend and stay away from single friends because you are no longer on the same pedestal. When you get too close you see yourself making bad choices and mistakes.

Do not get married if you can’t stop your playboy attitude, you can’t stop sowing your wild oats and sharing your goodies to all and sundry. You won’t bring someone’s daughter to your house and continue philandering outside.

Do not get married if you don’t like your hubby’s friends, his friends are a reflection of who he is, if you try to exterminate them and they don’t go then stay off.

Make the wise choice, if you have any doubts about your partner, any at all then discuss it with him. Don’t go carrying it alone because it’s marriage not a relationship.

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