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My name is Chiamanda and I am married ….

After my explosive night with my hubby Obi, I am starting to gain a measure of self confidence, I feel his eyes on me every minute of the day. Like a predator, he is circling round me waiting to jump my bones. Watch out hubby cos our next re-match will be out of these world, I will fuck your brains out and rock your world.

Wow, ever since my encounter with the bible, I freely use words like fuck, dick, cum,pussy, maybe I am branching out. I can’t wait to try 69. I have already read the manual and I know what to do. Obi is going to be thrilled. I have slated it for tonight, I am going to get me some and forgive me for sounding clichéd but he can have all of that anytime. Obi has already taken his bath earlier, he is in our room watching the television while I put on finishing touches to my looks,my sheer see through lace red nightie which makes me look vixen , it came complete with a push up bra, I felt confident in them.

I walked into our well illuminated bedroom and I saw my husband suck in a breath, he could see all my goodies displayed right in front of him, I am the modern day siren. I walk up to him and gently push him back but I am the one who gets down first, he wrestled me to the bed and he told me ‘baby, I want to eat you, I want to feel you against my lips, I want to taste you, I want to feel you writhing in ecstasy and delight, he was matching his words with hand strokes, he touched my already swollen breast and kept circling his middle finger till he almost got to my nipple, I was praying so hard for him to touch it and he kept on massaging my mound, after an eternity he touched my nipples and I felt my self give way, I was wet all over and we haven’t even started on the main course, we were still at entree, my hair spiked, he was rubbing my breasts through my vixen lingerie, he put his tongue and sucked my nipple through the lingerie, I felt tingly all over my core, he traced his way through my lingerie, he got to my navel and thumbed it and he went down, I was waiting for him to get to my pussy, but he by passed it and went straight to my laps, he rubbed my inner laps and squeezed my laps , he gently touched my mounds and he made no attempt to touch my clits which was already on fire, I could feel my juice seeping out, I was mighty wet. When he looked me in the face my eyes were partly closed.

He stood up for a while and I moaned in protest, he gently told me to hush. He went downstairs and came back up with a box of chocolate and he told me to stand up. WTF dude, I am so wet waiting for you to fuck my brains out and you wanna feed me chocolates, like seriously. I stood up and he opened a bar and ate out of it and asked me to kiss him which I did. The chocolate was already melted and I had to use my tongue if I wanted some, it was highly erotic I was getting into it and I felt him raise my legs and slip his hands into my already wet tight pussy , he went straight to my clits and brushed it for the very first time. My legs were shaking, I couldn’t stand anymore cos they were turning to jelly, he gently moved me back to bed and told me’ babe, I don’t bite, only in a good way’. He laid me back gently and before I could say a word, he tore my nightie, I wasn’t worried I could get tons of em.

He spread my legs apart and gently rubbed me with his whole palm like if he was measuring the width of my pussy, he flicked his thumb and spread apart my pussy lips and he sucked me , I felt all of my senses flee with the wind, obi was sucking me like he would naturally kiss me, he twirled his tongue inside my very core and he started thrusting in and out, he was fucking me with his tongue and it felt so damn good. He got up and he started kissing me he said babe, can you taste you on my lips? That is all you, he moved to my breasts and sucked them so hard,they were tingly and swollen, he traced his way back with his tongue, he didn’t leave anywhere untouched and when he finally got down to my pussy, I was writhing in ecstasy. I tried to hold his head in place but he imprisoned my arms and I couldn’t close my legs cos his head was already there. He started sucking me again and he got to my clits, he flicked his tongue over it, blew cool air on it and flicked his tongue again, he kept licking and I was moaning to the high heavens, I was muttering his name, he asked me what do you want? and I said go faster; he chuckled and immediately he started moving his head , he was sucking me and he let go of my imprisoned arms, I held on tight to the bed post, he was fingering me with his fingers and at the same time he was sucking me. His mouth was on my clits while his fingers were inside my pussy, I could feel tension coming on, a beautiful, painful yet unique feeling was spreading all over me,It started from my toes; my legs were convulsing, I was shaking, I didn’t wanna let go and I was screaming his name, he said’ babe let go, it’s a beautiful feeling, I will be here to catch you should in case you fall’ he went back to his business, he was sucking me so hard and I felt that sensation get to my head .I tried to close my legs but he held them firmly apart, the sensation was building, my walls were clamping, my pupils were dilating; and in that moment, I felt my self pouring out like a tap, I was squirting cos I felt my cum dripping to my ass hole.

Obi licked me up gently, he kept on licking and talking against my pussy, when he stood up I noticed his erection and I asked him how I could help because I wasn’t sure if I could take in anything again and he told me sure you can help, spread your legs apart for me. Before I could form a come back reply or tell him how tired I was he was already inside and pumping his way to glorious orgasm. He was so hard, immediately he went in, my pussy walls clamped and held him captive, his thrusts were hard and very fast and I was matching his temp, he whined his waist for a while and continued thrusting in and out of me, he would slip out, rub his already hard tip on my sensitive nub and slip back in again and he kept thrusting. The climax was building again and he felt it too. He told me to wait for him so that we could go together. I didn’t know how possible it would be cos I was already there or at least I thought. He kept thrusting in and out in very powerful strokes then I felt him convulsing, he held onto my hair and he was thrusting so fast and I let myself go and in that moment, we created beautiful magic. Orgasms after he told me, babe, you rock my world. I smiled and told him, we should check out the bath tub………….

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