14 Things You Should Know About Me.

Published August 14, 2012 by mandi2ude

I was recently tagged to a know all Q&A by a friend and I decided to share it with my favorite readers.

1). What is your name?

2). How many siblings do you have?

3). What course did you study, your

4). What is your favorite pastime?

5). What Qualities do you look out for in a man?

6). What is your addiction?

7). What do you like about your blog?

8). What is your hope in life?

9). What will be your climax in life?

10). What is your mantra?

11). Latest addiction for now?

12). What do you despise most in people

13). Shopping, staying indoors. Which is your favorite?


1). My name is Amanda Uchenna Magret Anadobi.

2). We are 6 in number, five girls and a boy , I am the fourth girl / fourth child.

3). Am a graduate of Theatre and Film studies from the University of Nigeria Nsukka.

4). Listening to Music..

5). Qualities in a man…. Wow that’s a question, I don’t equate a man as a property so to answer your question I basically look out for certain qualities in a man, a man who can make me laugh, a man who believes in himself and exudes self confidence. I like intellectual conversations and brain teasers.

6). I love Novels, I dream about novels. I can stay in lock down for a month reading novels, harlequin, silhouette and intrigue are my addiction. I spin my own love stories while reading.

7). I love my blog, I wouldn’t have gone ahead with it initially but I was pushed into it by someone dear to me. My blog is not an everyday blog, I don’t wanna be the next linda ikeji, I write about things that matter, I don’t wanna write about society events/ weddings. I write about things dear to my heart.

8). My biggest hope is to one day attend New york school of performing arts, I want to continue my studies and take up a major in contemporary dance.

9). The climax of my life will be the day i write a biography that really matters, write a greater novel than Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie.

10). I have tons of mantras but my latest mantra is “the heart wants what the heart wants.”

11). I hunger for different things everyday, right now being a DJ and going to the Nigerian Defense Academy.

12). I despise over emotional people, clingy is the word. I like people who are emotionally self sufficient. I despise people who wear their heart on their sleeves.

13). I think I have dual personalities, if you meet me for the first time you might get the wrong vibe. I don’t like shopping, I tire easily and I hate having to make choices. I love staying indoors so that’s a plus.

14). I think my only regret in life is not studying law, as a child my dad always called me pocket lawyer cos he said I have a way of extracting myself from sticky situations. But I am happy with being a thespian.

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