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Published August 23, 2012 by mandi2ude

Erotic Diaries & Marriage chronicles are works of fiction. They do not relate to any one either living or dead. The characters are fictitious as well and I am sorry if it relates to anyone of you or your present plight it’s purely coincidence. However it’s extremely didactic and there are tons of lessons to learn from each episode. May the force be with you as you read.



Marriage Chronicles…..EKA

Published August 23, 2012 by mandi2ude

Eka was staring at her face in the mirror, she looked pretty enough and she sighed again and started working furiously on her face, she dappled more powder on her face, she looked and she dappled more and more till she covered her whole face with a perfect finish concealer and her Mac compact powder. She felt satisfied with her looks. She went to her wardrobe pulled out a cashmere long sleeved sweater, a pair of true religion jeans and an hermes silk scarf to match. A marc jacobs dark sun shade completed her looks. She slipped on a flat sandals, picked up her car keys and called out to her son Isaac. She didn’t want to be late, she had to drop him off at school before rushing off to her other errands.

Who ever wore sunshades in the morning by 7am and a dark one for that matter. Her friends would have a field day if they see her in what the would call fashion blunder. They wouldn’t understand that she had her reasons. She dropped isaac off and promised to be back by 2pm to pick him up. She collected her husband’s dry cleaned clothes and headed to her mother’s house, she wouldn’t want her mom to see her in these state but she didn’t have an option because her mom called her and according to her it was urgent. She drove into their family house and parked her car. She went inside and hugged her mother instantly, she held on a little bit tight. Her mother held her away and looked at her. They sat down, her mother took off her sunshade and asked her; He hit you again? Ola hit you again…. Ekaete, Ekaete.. Leave ola and come back home before he kills you. I am still alive and I will support you and isaac. Ola will kill you for me. Infact we are going home together because I am going to give him a piece of my mind, since he likes hitting women he will beat the both of us today. Eka was looking at her mom, tears were running down her face, her concealer was coming off fast and her bruises were stark against her face. Purple bruises stood out on her fair face, Her face was just a rainbow of colors, she pleaded with her mom, mama please let him be. A woman does not leave her home because she is facing difficult times. I will stand strong and protect my own. Her mom looked at her, Eka I was the one who told you that and I am telling you now to leave him alone.
Mama please if you want me to leave here now and never come back ,I will . Her mother took her hands into hers and told her to stay a while. Eka didn’t know when it struck 2pm and was heading to 2:30pm when she suddenly looked up and snatched her car keys off the table. Mama I have to go and pick isaac from school. She ran out immediately, she raced to isaac’s school and on getting there she was told that ola had already picked him up. She was filled with dread and fear of the unknown as she raced home. She beeped and drove into the compound, isaac was sitting inside watching Kids Next door on cartoon network when she asked him where daddy was and he pointed her to the room. Eka climbed upstairs and immediately she opened the door, a heavy slap greeted her face. How dare you leave my son in school till now, how dare you? Ola dragged her into the room, threw her down on the bed and took off his belt. He looked at her and asked her; why do you make me do this everytime, he was flogging her and she just kept suppressing her tears. She pleaded with him but he kept on flogging her till he got tired and he just left the room and went back to the office. Isaac immediately ran into the room and hugged her. Mummy stop crying, Mummy stop crying and she held him tight and kissed him gently on his head, mummy is not crying my baby, something just flew into mummy’s eyes. She held him tightly while the tears ran down her face like an endless river.

Ola her husband of 10yrs had been the sweetest man alive, he was attentive and treated her like a queen. She was formerly a zenith banker till they got married and he asked her to quit her job since he was making enough for the two of them and she did so but his hitting habit developed after the birth of isaac, it was like he couldn’t get enough of it. He beat her for breakfast, lunch and dinner. He threw slaps and hit her at the slightest provocation , he literally raped her whenever he wanted to have sex or slapped her into submission, they were no longer having sex because she was always sore from his beatings. she resorted to heavy concealers to hide her bruises and cuts, she lied almost everyday to people who she ran in the same social circles with but She couldn’t leave her marriage cos she had isaac to look out for, his reasons for beating her; she is yet to know.


Marriage Chronicles…..TOLA

Published August 23, 2012 by mandi2ude

Tola felt like dying, she was suffocating, her palms were sweating and a monster headache was raging inside her. Tears were bottled up inside her and she couldn’t keep her eyes open because the pain was too much. She kept trying to suppress her tears and she could feel her heart feeling the impact. Her car AC was blasting cold air on her but she was still hot. She took the next turn which led her directly to her home located at No 13b Giraffe street East Ekulu Estate G.R.A Enugu, her well manicured lawns were staring back at her, her kerbs were so neat you could actually eat anything placed there, it had to be neat because they paid the gardener a fortune for him to keep the house clean, appearances matter a lot especially for her husband Azunna.

She beeped and their gate man opened the gate, she stopped dead in her tracks and couldn’t drive in, her nightmare was staring at her right in the face. Her heart started pounding like if it was going to leap out of her mouth,Mama Azunna was staring at her with contempt, effiong her gate man tapped on her window and she came to and drove into the house. The house she shared with Azunna is a 6 bedroom duplex with an underground packing space. Azunna her husband is the regional manager of GTbank and they met in the university and stayed together through out then. She came down of her car immediately and in a customary yoruba manner she knelt down and greeted her. Mama Nno, kedu ka ndi uno mere? Her ibo was perfect, you would not know she is yoruba unless she told you, she even took an ibo name when she got married to azunna. Mama Azunna just looked at her and sighed and asked her why is my son’s house closed? Tola replied her, mama am sorry I had to run some errands and I didn’t know you were dropping by if not I would have left the house keys with effiong. Mama looked at her and gave her a body check and said to her, “you always have an excuse to give, I have told my son to do away with you but he wouldn’t listen, you are just a waste of time and energy. You just sit at home and consume food, maybe you don’t want to have a child because you don’t want your figure to change. You are just a leaking basket, anything deposited inside you just pours out”.

Tola immediately rushed to the door and opened it, she carried Mama’s bags upstairs and rushed down to the kitchen immediately, she micro waved a plate of egusi soup and made hot garri for mama. She carried it into the dinning and set the place, brought a chilled jug of water and a glass of fresh squeezed orange juice. She went to Mama who was sitting in the living room and told her that her food was ready, while mama went to the dinning, tola went to the room she shared with azunna and took off her clothes, she looked at herself in the mirror which was standing and cried so hard, she cried like if she was being killed, she used a pillow to suppress her tears else someone hears it. On her arms were punctures from different needle sizes which had left their marks on her flawless skin, she hit her belly continuously while crying. She hit it from the pain it caused her, her very flat belly stared at her in mockery. While hitting it she kept on questioning it, Why won’t you accept a child, why won’t you carry a child and make me a complete woman like my mates. Why?

She was on her way back from the fertility clinic where she had gone to try her luck again via a new experiment, she didn’t mind being a guinea pig for any experiment as long as it proved effective. She wanted a child badly, she wanted Azunna to be proud of her, he wasn’t complaining, he is her rock. He supported her in anything she wanted to do but she can’t say the same for mama who mocked her quietly and spoke against her at any opportunity she got. Mama was never in support of their marriage and she always thought she would come around after the wedding and begin to like her but that was just wishful thinking. Mama has tried her possible best to make sure that Azunna took a second wife but he won’t listen to her, her always told her that he is in love with tola and his faith won’t allow him take a second wife , moreover God was the giver of children. Tola was still engrossed in her pain that she didn’t know the time and that Azunna was already inside the room, she was still in her kneeling position with dried tears on her cheeks, they left tracks on her face. Azunna gently knelt down close to her and asked her what the matter was, she was startled and she came to. She told him that her eggs died off so the artificial insemination treatment didn’t work, she said their doctor said everything was in order but she couldn’t understand why she couldn’t conceive a child for him.

Azunna looked at her and asked her;Am I complaining ? She shook her head and her told her then don’t worry. God is the giver of children and as long as we serve him in truth, he would never deny us our own kids. Don’t listen to my mum, I am not taking a second wife and I will never forsake you. I am keeping to my vows which is sacred and I said it to the hearing of God and other witnesses. We shall wait upon the lord for his time is the best. You will be a proud mother someday.


Marriage Chronicles…..KOME

Published August 23, 2012 by mandi2ude

Kome was sitting in the living room, she was tapping her acrylic french tip nails on a burgundy table while her feet danced to the tune her fingers were producing and after a while she shifted her gaze to a cartier slim gold wristwatch on her left wrist. She wasn’t satisfied with that she started twirling her 24 carat diamond ring placed in a platinum setting on her middle finger. She had already put Chidugam (her 5yr old son) to bed because his excitement had died down after several hours of waiting and he fell asleep. she was calmly waiting for her husband Chimzitere to come home. She had planned everything out, the chocolate was waiting in the freezer, she cooked spaghetti with tender meat soaked in red wine which was cooked to perfection, a bottle of dom perignon was chilling, a cake beside it and her gift was wrapped. The only missing thing was her husband Chimzy.
Today is their sixth wedding anniversary , six years of marriage and she wondered where he was, she rubbed her hand down her vera Wang gown complete with a christian Louboutin shoe. She sighed and went upstairs, it was already 12:00am. She undressed and slipped into her Victoria Secrets teddy and as she was about to slip into the bed she heard chimzy’s car drive in and she stood up instantly, she touched up her face and re packed her peruvian human hair. She looked down on her nightie and shrugged. She stood near the door waiting for him to come inside and even though he was hours late she was happy that he made it home, all her anger vanished into thin air. Immediately he walked in she hugged him by surprise and stepped back like if she had been stung by a bee, she turned started hitting him while screaming at the top of her voice you were with her, on our anniversary chimzy you were with that slut. Chimzy looked her up and down and told her to stop shouting and she replied him; how can I stop shouting; you are reeking of that expensive slut. He laughed for a while and asked her ; what makes you think I was with “HER”? She eye balled him while she slowly walked to the bed, she sat down at the edge and looked at him and in a low voice she said chimzy, are you seriously asking me how? The two of us know that you don’t wear Elizabeth Arden ‘Red Door’ and look at your shirt, you have lipstick smear on it. You didn’t even clean up before leaving her house and you have the gall to ask me how I know. Do you think am daft? He laughed at her and un knotted his tie, he moved to bed and dropped his brief case and he turned back to her and said ; I really don’t have time for your nagging all I want to do is go to bed because I had a hectic day. He turns to wear his jammies and kome who is now crying tells him in a teary voice; you are tired right? After spending all day with her and giving her what is rightfully mine you come home and tell me that you are tired. Do you even know what today is? He doesn’t reply and she goes on, today is our 6th wedding anniversary but I guess you don’t know. What have I done wrong chimzy; please tell me and I will change, what do you want from me, what do you see in other women that you don’t see in me, please tell me for the sake of our son. He stands up angrily and sneers at her; our son? Do you really wanna go there? Kome I asked you for one thing and you couldn’t give it to me. My peace of mind, when you got pregnant I told you to abort that child, that I wasn’t ready for marriage but no my mother talked you into keeping it and you did, you practically roped me to the altar and I did what was right, I gave you and him my name now leave me alone to go on with my life.
Kome runs into the bathroom out of shock, she is crying so hard now, she looks at herself in the mirror while tears are seeping through her waterproof mascara, she flashes back on the last five years when things were still good. She is from a wealthy family and she has never lacked anything be it men or money. She started dating chimzy who hails from a very wealthy family who made their money via their many oil blocks. Her relationship with chidi was based on sexual needs, they satisfied each other when the need to became too powerful ,until her emotions got involved and she approached mother mena, chimzy’s mother who advised her to get pregnant and she did so , her life has never been the same since then as chimzy told her to abort the baby which she refused to and threatened him to the point that he married her. Since then life as she knew it changed. Thrice every year she travels to any country of her choice with chidugam, she never lacks money but she is not at peace. who ever said money was enough in a marriage should step into my shoes. Chimzy sleeps with virtually anything on skirt and his escapades are all over town making her out to be a laughing stock but one thing she has never regretted is having chidugam, he is her light and he is the only thing that consoles her in these hell of a marriage that she is in. Chimzy hardly touches her these days, the other times he did he did so under the influence of alcohol. She is still hoping that he will fall in love with her someday. She comes out of the bathroom and meets him snoring on the bed. She quitely whispers happy anniversary.



Published August 19, 2012 by mandi2ude

The Wedding ring is the smallest handcuff ever made by man, choose your partner wisely because it’s a life sentence…. My father will always say Marriage is an entity within an entity, he always told us to choose whomever we wanted to spend forever with wisely because after he gives you out, he doesn’t want to see you back in his house unless you are coming with your husband and kids for a
Every girl is eager to get married these days and it’s as if saturdays are coming to an end, but I urge you all to study that man and don’t rush into anything. Marriage is not a relationship were you break up if you don’t like what you are getting. In marriage kids are involved and you need to be wise. I have taken out time to outline do’s and donts .

Do not get married if you are not sure that you wanna be with that particular person, if you are just fulfilling all righteousness, if you feel that you will begin to love your partner later one. It’s not an emotional bank where he/she odes all the paying in and you keep withdrawing.

Do not get married if you know that you don’t like his family, if you can’t stand his mother, if his sister is way too annoying, if his aunt poke noses a lot, if his brother is way too demanding. Don’t delude yourself into thinking that you are married to only him, once he marries you, you will have to deal with his whole family.

Do not get married if you know he can’t pay the bills, love is not enough in marriage, it’s a starting point but it doesn’t put food on the table neither does swag. Schools, hospitals, shoprite &markets don’t have discounts for people in love. Love won’t pay the bills. Get off your lazy behind and start catering for your family. You can’t go to a shop and after shopping you tell the sale girl’ hey we are in love’ and expect her to give you the goods for free.

Do not get married if you are not ready to compromise. It’s all about compromise. You are no longer a one man army. The two of you have come together, always consult your partner before making life altering decisions. If you wanna have the final say then I guess you should stay alone.

Do not get married if you can’t leave your past behind and confide in your partner. The past is like an abandoned mistress, she always comes back knocking, she is like a messy cloth that always turns up even after you have hidden her. It comes calling. Do not spring up rude surprises on your partner, be as open as possible.

Do not get married if you can’t leave that Oh so special bestie who is male for the gilrs and female for the men. If your BFF was so great they two of you should have been married by now. The heart has other functions other than pumping blood , it’s treacherous. Invest all your love and time on your hubby, make him your bestfriend and stay away from single friends because you are no longer on the same pedestal. When you get too close you see yourself making bad choices and mistakes.

Do not get married if you can’t stop your playboy attitude, you can’t stop sowing your wild oats and sharing your goodies to all and sundry. You won’t bring someone’s daughter to your house and continue philandering outside.

Do not get married if you don’t like your hubby’s friends, his friends are a reflection of who he is, if you try to exterminate them and they don’t go then stay off.

Make the wise choice, if you have any doubts about your partner, any at all then discuss it with him. Don’t go carrying it alone because it’s marriage not a relationship.

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14 Things You Should Know About Me.

Published August 14, 2012 by mandi2ude

I was recently tagged to a know all Q&A by a friend and I decided to share it with my favorite readers.

1). What is your name?

2). How many siblings do you have?

3). What course did you study, your

4). What is your favorite pastime?

5). What Qualities do you look out for in a man?

6). What is your addiction?

7). What do you like about your blog?

8). What is your hope in life?

9). What will be your climax in life?

10). What is your mantra?

11). Latest addiction for now?

12). What do you despise most in people

13). Shopping, staying indoors. Which is your favorite?


1). My name is Amanda Uchenna Magret Anadobi.

2). We are 6 in number, five girls and a boy , I am the fourth girl / fourth child.

3). Am a graduate of Theatre and Film studies from the University of Nigeria Nsukka.

4). Listening to Music..

5). Qualities in a man…. Wow that’s a question, I don’t equate a man as a property so to answer your question I basically look out for certain qualities in a man, a man who can make me laugh, a man who believes in himself and exudes self confidence. I like intellectual conversations and brain teasers.

6). I love Novels, I dream about novels. I can stay in lock down for a month reading novels, harlequin, silhouette and intrigue are my addiction. I spin my own love stories while reading.

7). I love my blog, I wouldn’t have gone ahead with it initially but I was pushed into it by someone dear to me. My blog is not an everyday blog, I don’t wanna be the next linda ikeji, I write about things that matter, I don’t wanna write about society events/ weddings. I write about things dear to my heart.

8). My biggest hope is to one day attend New york school of performing arts, I want to continue my studies and take up a major in contemporary dance.

9). The climax of my life will be the day i write a biography that really matters, write a greater novel than Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie.

10). I have tons of mantras but my latest mantra is “the heart wants what the heart wants.”

11). I hunger for different things everyday, right now being a DJ and going to the Nigerian Defense Academy.

12). I despise over emotional people, clingy is the word. I like people who are emotionally self sufficient. I despise people who wear their heart on their sleeves.

13). I think I have dual personalities, if you meet me for the first time you might get the wrong vibe. I don’t like shopping, I tire easily and I hate having to make choices. I love staying indoors so that’s a plus.

14). I think my only regret in life is not studying law, as a child my dad always called me pocket lawyer cos he said I have a way of extracting myself from sticky situations. But I am happy with being a thespian.

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Published August 14, 2012 by mandi2ude

My name is Chiamanda and I am married ….

After my explosive night with my hubby Obi, I am starting to gain a measure of self confidence, I feel his eyes on me every minute of the day. Like a predator, he is circling round me waiting to jump my bones. Watch out hubby cos our next re-match will be out of these world, I will fuck your brains out and rock your world.

Wow, ever since my encounter with the bible, I freely use words like fuck, dick, cum,pussy, maybe I am branching out. I can’t wait to try 69. I have already read the manual and I know what to do. Obi is going to be thrilled. I have slated it for tonight, I am going to get me some and forgive me for sounding clich├ęd but he can have all of that anytime. Obi has already taken his bath earlier, he is in our room watching the television while I put on finishing touches to my looks,my sheer see through lace red nightie which makes me look vixen , it came complete with a push up bra, I felt confident in them.

I walked into our well illuminated bedroom and I saw my husband suck in a breath, he could see all my goodies displayed right in front of him, I am the modern day siren. I walk up to him and gently push him back but I am the one who gets down first, he wrestled me to the bed and he told me ‘baby, I want to eat you, I want to feel you against my lips, I want to taste you, I want to feel you writhing in ecstasy and delight, he was matching his words with hand strokes, he touched my already swollen breast and kept circling his middle finger till he almost got to my nipple, I was praying so hard for him to touch it and he kept on massaging my mound, after an eternity he touched my nipples and I felt my self give way, I was wet all over and we haven’t even started on the main course, we were still at entree, my hair spiked, he was rubbing my breasts through my vixen lingerie, he put his tongue and sucked my nipple through the lingerie, I felt tingly all over my core, he traced his way through my lingerie, he got to my navel and thumbed it and he went down, I was waiting for him to get to my pussy, but he by passed it and went straight to my laps, he rubbed my inner laps and squeezed my laps , he gently touched my mounds and he made no attempt to touch my clits which was already on fire, I could feel my juice seeping out, I was mighty wet. When he looked me in the face my eyes were partly closed.

He stood up for a while and I moaned in protest, he gently told me to hush. He went downstairs and came back up with a box of chocolate and he told me to stand up. WTF dude, I am so wet waiting for you to fuck my brains out and you wanna feed me chocolates, like seriously. I stood up and he opened a bar and ate out of it and asked me to kiss him which I did. The chocolate was already melted and I had to use my tongue if I wanted some, it was highly erotic I was getting into it and I felt him raise my legs and slip his hands into my already wet tight pussy , he went straight to my clits and brushed it for the very first time. My legs were shaking, I couldn’t stand anymore cos they were turning to jelly, he gently moved me back to bed and told me’ babe, I don’t bite, only in a good way’. He laid me back gently and before I could say a word, he tore my nightie, I wasn’t worried I could get tons of em.

He spread my legs apart and gently rubbed me with his whole palm like if he was measuring the width of my pussy, he flicked his thumb and spread apart my pussy lips and he sucked me , I felt all of my senses flee with the wind, obi was sucking me like he would naturally kiss me, he twirled his tongue inside my very core and he started thrusting in and out, he was fucking me with his tongue and it felt so damn good. He got up and he started kissing me he said babe, can you taste you on my lips? That is all you, he moved to my breasts and sucked them so hard,they were tingly and swollen, he traced his way back with his tongue, he didn’t leave anywhere untouched and when he finally got down to my pussy, I was writhing in ecstasy. I tried to hold his head in place but he imprisoned my arms and I couldn’t close my legs cos his head was already there. He started sucking me again and he got to my clits, he flicked his tongue over it, blew cool air on it and flicked his tongue again, he kept licking and I was moaning to the high heavens, I was muttering his name, he asked me what do you want? and I said go faster; he chuckled and immediately he started moving his head , he was sucking me and he let go of my imprisoned arms, I held on tight to the bed post, he was fingering me with his fingers and at the same time he was sucking me. His mouth was on my clits while his fingers were inside my pussy, I could feel tension coming on, a beautiful, painful yet unique feeling was spreading all over me,It started from my toes; my legs were convulsing, I was shaking, I didn’t wanna let go and I was screaming his name, he said’ babe let go, it’s a beautiful feeling, I will be here to catch you should in case you fall’ he went back to his business, he was sucking me so hard and I felt that sensation get to my head .I tried to close my legs but he held them firmly apart, the sensation was building, my walls were clamping, my pupils were dilating; and in that moment, I felt my self pouring out like a tap, I was squirting cos I felt my cum dripping to my ass hole.

Obi licked me up gently, he kept on licking and talking against my pussy, when he stood up I noticed his erection and I asked him how I could help because I wasn’t sure if I could take in anything again and he told me sure you can help, spread your legs apart for me. Before I could form a come back reply or tell him how tired I was he was already inside and pumping his way to glorious orgasm. He was so hard, immediately he went in, my pussy walls clamped and held him captive, his thrusts were hard and very fast and I was matching his temp, he whined his waist for a while and continued thrusting in and out of me, he would slip out, rub his already hard tip on my sensitive nub and slip back in again and he kept thrusting. The climax was building again and he felt it too. He told me to wait for him so that we could go together. I didn’t know how possible it would be cos I was already there or at least I thought. He kept thrusting in and out in very powerful strokes then I felt him convulsing, he held onto my hair and he was thrusting so fast and I let myself go and in that moment, we created beautiful magic. Orgasms after he told me, babe, you rock my world. I smiled and told him, we should check out the bath tub………….

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