Published July 29, 2012 by mandi2ude

My Name is Chimamanda and I am married to the love of my life Obi, we have been married for the past two years and I feel like we are in a marital rut. I don’t think obi feels that way though, he is the best man any woman could ever ask for, he respects me a lot and I guess it comes from the fact that he married me a virgin.

I think it’s safe to call me a sexual stiff cos apart from the occasional missionary style, I don’t participate in any kind of sexual exploit, I think they are way too expressive for me ,maybe it’s because of my sexual orientation. You see the principal of my secondary school, a reverend sister used to tell us then that if a man touches you, you would get pregnant and she didn’t go further to explain to us. Well back to me and obi.

Lately, I feel the passion in our marriage seeping away, for chrissakes we have been married for just two years and it sucks. Obi is a corporate high-flyer and he is a very romantic man at heart,I clearly remember our wedding night, how he took off my clothes and kissed me gently, it was all so romantic, he treated me like if I were a porcelain doll, a china glass that shouldn’t be allowed to touch the floor, he taught me everything I know about lovemaking, my body was his muse and he would have taught me more if I had allowed him. I remember what he wanted to do to me that night, he spread my legs apart and all of a sudden, his head disappeared into my laps, I blush to think about it but I wouldn’t let him go on even if it kinda felt too good to be true.

I need desperate help, I know I am a good wife, I have fed him physically, now I have to do it emotionally, I am pulling out the big guns. I must tie Obi to me again, I want him to fantasize about me while he is at work, I want him to rush home before 6:00 pm, I want him to skip dinner and have me for it rather and later we can nibble on something light after all we have the house to ourselves. I am going to do it, I swear it.

I am going to see my very outspoken and sexually oriented friend Nnenna, her hubby Julian can’t keep his hands off her and they already have three kids so she must be feeding him something that I know nothing about. I want her secret recipe and she has promised to give it to me but she warned me, “mandie you have to keep your mind open”. I am going with an open mind and so should you. The next time you hear from me, I will be armed with the BIBLE.


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  • This is a tough one bt mi tink u shld buy porn n pick up some styles or whn nxt u r togeda lower his head inbtw ur legs n let him eat u up

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