Published July 21, 2012 by mandi2ude

I am not an addictive blogger, I always trace my way back to my word press when I have something bothering me or I have an issue to address. I have an issue to address today that’s why I am writing.
So you all know how people say men are always trying to go back to where they came from, well now I am a believer. Men will try every means to get a gal laid, different tactics and techniques come into play and they always feel they are on top of their game.
Being a full figured girl is not an easy task cos them boys are tryna get all up in your grill. The one that sets me off is the pranks they pull just to get a boob graze. I went to ECO bank and I was standing in line, the bank was crowded, the AC wasn’t functioning properly and it was littered with human beings. So I was standing in line , quietly waiting my turn when a guy walks up to me, he wants to get a deposit slip and he keeps on grazing my boobs all in an attempt to get the slip. He does it the first time, I keep a straight face and he does it the second and third time, I angrily snatch his hands away, throw the deposit slip at him. He doesn’t get angry rather he smiles and I look at him like you are just being a kid.
I was still in a daze from his stupidity and lack of scruples when the dude standing directly in front of me starts his own, he keeps on pushing back so that I will think that the line is congested and he has to fall back, but I was sharper than him. Before he could push himself back, I pushed him so hard he would have lost all his teeth on that granite counter, he looked at me and said “Sister You Harsh Oooo” I was like, if I were your sister woulD you be trying to get at my goods? Men sha. I have had all these experiences but yet I still believe and see good in people. Yesterday, my mom sent me on an eRrand; to the market to be precise so I picked a bike and I climbed on, as we continued I noticed that the bike man would go on for a while and rest back on me and I got the feeling that maybe he wasn’t sitting well or rather I wasn’t sitting well. Like if that wasn’t enough, he deliberately fell into every gallop until I caught up his game. I just told him,”Oga slow down” which he did and I said to him, pls drop me. He did so and zoomed off immediately.
When I got home, I connected all the dots and I asked myself, to what extent will men go just to get to the promise land…..

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  • Dear Mandy,

    Errrm… You left one part out – what you were wearing & how visible or accentuated your boobs were at these times. Do let’s know.

    Concerned citizen.

    • Very funny alphabloke, I assure you I wasn’t wearing anything that will make their hormones raging wild. I am sorry to sound conceited but am hot like that. I guess it’s a guy thing and you would be in a better position to answer.
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  • Well, as you know, I’m not like the regular guy. So I may not be in the best position to provide that answer.

    Nevertheless, I know for sure that men mostly react to insinuations & actions by ladies. Except, of course, not disputing the fact that there are “he’goats” like my ex friend omena who’d make moves & hump on anything just to feel good.

    That’s the much I know.

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