Published July 3, 2012 by mandi2ude

At exactly 10.00 am these morning, I became fatherless. My father OZO Chief Cosmas Anadobi died and left us in these world.
I guess he just got tired of everything, fighting an illness and having to depend on people for support is not funny. People keep telling me to take heart, God knows best, God cannot give you a problem that he knows you can’t carry.
Am sitting in my father’s room, on his fave chair, I am looking at his shoes, his hanged clothes, his bible by his bedside, his phone, his documents and I get the feeling that he travelled, he will soon be back and tell me to leave his room as usual. Am having a hard time explaining to my junior brother who just came back from school. Am telling him to be a man and at the same time, I am crying so hard. What happened to my dreams of someday making enough money, relocate my parents to any where they want, my father blessing me on my traditional wedding day, him walking me down the aisle to meet my husband, him naming my first son or daughter and discussing with my husband on different issues. My father was supposed to gist my kids about the biafran war just like he did me.
My father was the central pillar in my house and I am in so much pain, it feels like a dream and I wanna wake up. But I feel happy, I spent his last days with him, I can’t trade that with anyone. He loves peace and he gives no matter how much you hurt him, he never believed in hitting a child and I had a fulfilled childhood with him. We now have to be a husband to my mother and protect his legacy.
ADIEU Daddy, till we meet to part no more and if it is possible, if you can hear me, see my heart then I ask you to visit me again. Visit me as a baby and let me nurture you like a mother.


8 comments on “TRIBUTE TO MY FATHER

  • My heart is heavy and mindwise am confused cos I understand what the word “father” means…
    I wept reading this piece…my friend and sister, words can’t truly express my heart for you sweetie but I believe its all for the best!
    I love you and I know OZO is smiling and blessing you the more as he reads this piece too.

  • Uche dear pls tk hrt,A̶̲̥̅♏ totally speechless nd dnt hv a clue of wat to say cos ℓ̊ dnt knw hw it feels to be in U̶̲̥̅̊я shoes…pls accept my sympathy. OZO aka hitler as U̶̲̥̅ fondly call him is resting in d bossom of d lord.

  • God knows best. Time will heal your wounds. So for now, cry if u must. Be strong and live a life that he’ll be proud of. Stay blessed Uche

  • Death leaves a heartache
    No one can heal;
    But Love given by the person who is no more leaves a memory
    No one can steal.
    ADIEU OZO Chief Cosmas Anadobi, you would always remain in our memories

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