Salons and Gossip!!( A Perfect Combo)

Published June 25, 2012 by mandi2ude

What do Salons and Eating Houses have in common? Any body, any answer? Let’s cut to the chase. What they have in common is GOSSIP!!!!!!
You are sure to get the sleaziest, dirtiest and juiciest gossip in these spots mentioned above. But the salon gossip out ranks the eating house gossip. No gender should be left out in these crime, though I think the male hairstylists and the female waitresses are the highest offenders. Gossip! no matter how you keep yourself away from it, it keeps chasing you. Even when you don’t wanna hear that little information, you some how hear it.
There was these salon I used to visit as a lil kid back in the days though, the aunty there makes the worst hairstyles ever, but her salon is always filled to the brim because she works with both her hands and mouth, if you wanna get the gist of whose hubby is cheating, wives that were disgraced,poor people who are forming rich, then her salon is your best choice.
Has a male hair stylist ever been attending to you in a salon and another girl walks in, you just snort at her and continue with what you are doing? If yes, the next question will come from the hairstylist, what did she do to you and you tell him; nothing, I don’t just like the girl, he will laugh and tell you that you are not the only one who doesn’t like her, that 3 other girls who have visited the salon too, don’t like her. He now launches into a conversation, and in these conversation he will tell you her life history, were she lives, how many boys she has dated and woe betide the girl if she is easier to get into than a community college, he will add so much spice to the gist and you feel comfy with him to the extent that you start dropping infos about the girl, while he collects this info in his sd card and uses them for another girl.
One thing that baffles me is how they hear all their gists, because in the long run they are more current than you are, they have everybody’s data in their head. If you were or still are a student of UNN you would know that I am being honest. I think the worst hairstylist gossips are two guys that I know, they run a salon and they have so many female patrons ( no think am, I no call anybody name sha, so if you think of them, you are on your own per second billing) and their salon is always filled to capacity, maybe not because of their styling prowess but because you get the hottest gist whenever you are there, you hear practically everybody’s dirty secret, you just have to know which buttons to press and their mouths start running like that of a town crier.
It’s just appalling that every body’s gist is in a salon, one day I went to a salon and two girls and the male hairstylist were busy discussing a very good friend of mine, what got me angry was not the discussion but the fact that he has spent up to an hour fixing a side pattern darling yaki weavon, I kept silent and when the girl left I sat down for him to fix mine for me and he launched into another discussion about the girl he was just gossiping with, he told me that he will stop fixing her hair and when I asked him why; he said because he likes fixing human hair and not darling yaki and that she should buy one cos he wonders what she does with all the money she gets from her business in precious stones….. I wish she was still around to hear what her gossip buddy just said about her.
But the salon is a fun place to be, apart from dolling up, you get exclusive gist. For your ears only. Be careful what you say in a salon cos your story may air next, you don’t know who knows your own secret. Fix your hair and GTH out of there.
And that’s how Mandy sees it.*WINKS*


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