Signs That Makes You think That He Wanna Marry You.

Published June 24, 2012 by mandi2ude

I was discussing with a girl recently and she told me something that had me rolling on the floor from laughter. When I heard what she had to say, I was like Babe; how stupid can you be?
And it led me to write again and I thought of a title and what came into my mind is Signs that makes you think he wanna marry you. Yon know how we girls keep going on and on about husband scarcity in Nigeria, well you just need to be a guy and treat a girl well, show her respect and courtesy and she is already planning your wedding in her head. This time she might go for a Castle in Spain. Well these signs are Mumu facts, when a girl starts noticing them, she thinks you have already visited the jewelry store and you are about to propose.( FOR DUMB GIRLS SHA)

He gave me the key to the house: Honey he has to give you the key, how are you supposed to rush home and make him Egusi soup before he comes back from work.

He took me to their end of the year party : Well you are obviously the most presentable chic in his harem, he needs to represent.

He took me home for his grand-mother’s burial: because you are a desperado and what else smells good like a girl who is willing to work just so that the guy will notice her?

I have met his sisters and his mother: Sweetie, they don’t have any choice, his is their brother and son, do you know how many girls he has taken home
His friends call me “our wife”: babe, are you dumb as well as stupid? Of course you are the wife, you are performing all your duties before marriage, it makes you a wife.

He let’s me go through his msg’s: yeah rite, after sanitation he gives you the phone and you happily read and serzli, if there is no message to make you raise your eyebrow that means he is gay and you are his gay beard.

And these is the most hillarious one;

He has stopped using condoms on me: one answer, you are next in line for H.I.V, just because your bf has stopped using condoms on you, you think he wants to propose to you, that’s stupid and insane. It doesn’t mean anything, there is just scarcity of gold circle and he probably didn’t see his size.

Girls read meanings into every lil gesture that a man makes, these signs listed above may or may not favor you, just because all of them has happened doesn’t mean that tom is ready to get married and you loose yourself in that process, all for that ring and a white gown. It’s a beautiful thing, but you have to go about it the right way. When a man wants to marry you, he will ask and you will know. You don’t need some dumb set of rules to determine it.

And that is how Mandy Sees IT.*Winks*


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