University Days( Your First Husband)

Published June 23, 2012 by mandi2ude

I think it’s safe for me to say that every girl who went to the university is marrying for the second time after her university days. Why you say? I will tell you why.
Back in the days as a student (and yes I know it was just last year, and so) in the famous university of Nigeria nsukka, I remember girls treating their boyfriends like husbands and if you say you are not guilty of these, please be my guest and cast the first stone, anyone? I knew it, no one can deny it. It normally starts with him hitting on you or vice versa and you agreeing to it or vice versa, then it starts, it begins to grow;there are date nights, he comes to your hostel and while he is coming he stops by 11:45 or coca-cola villa, frenzy or Mr Biggs to get you something to eat. Whenever he comes to your room, your roomates call him Ogoo(in-law).
You start tripping, you meet his friends and you spend the first night!!!!!! He has caged you and that is the beginning of your housewife duties, some girls will say it’s a lie, no boy can do that to me, you are not married to me, I can’t be any boy’s slave.#na wash# they were all wives and all those crying more than the bereaved are the guilty ones. You start going to his house on weekends to sleep over and before you know it, you are already at Ogige market buying tomato and pepper for sunday stew which his hungry friends will come and consume. After cooking, some girls even wash clothes, tidy the house and wear his T-shirt while the boy is roaming around his lodge. On monday , you go back to your hostel. These routine continues throughout the school calendar.
Sometimes you might go with a tooth brush and clothe, you leave them there and come back with more and before you know it, girl you are already living with him, you are now are full time school/room wife. it goes on and on, you even blush when his friends call you “our wife” because they want you to cook another pot of rice and they feel that these form of endearment will make you cook it quickly. In the long run, you feel that you have found your place. The fairy tale goes on till you break up with him and then you are like… Men I jones sha.
And that is how Mandy sees it.*Winks*


5 comments on “University Days( Your First Husband)

  • While I agree wt everything on show here, I’d still like to think both parties enjoy it while it lasts (imo). The guys r just as gullible as the girls too.FYI Break ups are an inevitable part of relationships tho!

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