The Lies Girls Tell

Published June 23, 2012 by mandi2ude

Some girls are pathological liars, they can lie!! I wouldn’t write about these on a normal day but the lies we girls tell have prompted me to locate my WordPress and put this lies into writing.
Girls tell you different things, maybe just to show off or feel like if they are on top of their games. If you have as many girlfriends like I do, you will understand these common lies. They tell you how they control their boy friends which is a bleddy lie. They will go on and on about what he bought them meanwhile they bought it for themselves. They one that have me going off is the forming. We girls can like to form, ah ah. You are dating a guy and you feel its ok for you to form, I think if it were possible for some girls to go without excreating in their boy friends house, they will do it.
You blow pidgin with your girlfriends and when you see your boyfriend you become an english teacher, you begin to speak through your nose, you eat only garri at home and when you come to his house, you will be like baby, let’s get sharwama.*WTH Bitch, you are tripping, in her house, they don’t have kerosene stove and when you come to his house, you see a stove and you are like awwww baby, I can’t work with these stove, it will give me eye bags. Smelly lie and yes some girls still lie with that. And the one that makes me go crazy is if I know that you are the outgoing type, but when you see your BF, you become mute maybe you should be a mannequin. That way you will be used for clothe display.
I just think that we should be honest to ourselves, the man you are lieing and forming for sees you when you are at your weakest point and your peak. The lies are unnecessary and there is no need for it. But it kinda makes things a lil bit fun, until you are caught.
And that is how Mandy sees it.*Winks*


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